Manage, centralise and standardise

your BIM objects to speed up design and facilitate operation. 

Engineers, architects, construction companies, building owners, facility managers...

Do you find that looking for useable BIM objects for your project takes up too much of your time?

Are the BIM objects you use scattered across several network folders, e-mails, USB sticks or clouds?

Want to confidently share your BIM objects with your team?

Onfly is the solution you need!

Increase your operational efficiency!

Offer your employees rapid access to a single source of quality BIM objects.


Manage your entire BIM library from a cloud space accessible to the people you select.


All the information related to your BIM data & objects is available through your BIM and business software, from a single source.


Your BIM objects that come from different sources are standardised in order to homogenise their properties.

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